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Поблагодарили 5 раз а в 5 сообщениях Автор темы Bitcoinily Finance Limited - bitcoinily. Вся информация взята с сайта проекта. Тема создана с целью информирования и не является призывом к действию.

Обязательно напишите в круглосуточный чат техподдержки - разберемся и поможем. The application is used by taxi drivers, delivery men, couriers, tutors, craftsmen and everyone who accepts payments for their services.

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Such a scheme complies with the law, which means it protects you. Luck, Leader, Tap taxi and more than 1 thousand independent dispatch services throughout Russia are already connected to ckassa.

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Self Employed To receive tax status, register income, send a check to a client and even pay tax - all this in a special section of the application. To find out more and try, go to the "More" tab and select the "Self-Employed" section.

For everyone Use the Terminal and Share functions to accept payment for completed orders or goods sold. Terminal turns a smartphone with an NFC chip into a real banking terminal. Send customers a payment link to any messenger or show a QR code.

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After successful payment you will receive a push message. By ex- finance заработок в интернете way, the QR code can be sent to a printer, printed and placed in a taxi car, glued to a box or put in a package with the order. Among them, there are both universal ones that suit everyone, as well as specialized ones.

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